My name is Dave Hill and in the realm of project management, very few have traversed the world the way that I have. Among the many projects that I have delivered, I was one of just a few PM’s that helped to rebuild the entire technical infrastructure of a global enterprise after the worst cyber-attack in history. Hire me and I will transfer the best of what I have learned over the years. I’m talking about really good knowledge accumulation for a price and one or two work days. I am certain that you will be satisfied. Those who attend my workshop on getting **it done will walk away better prepared to produce the results that they need to be better than the competition. Click "Why Uscala" in the menu above for a list of benefits that this training workshop provides.

Use Agile / SCRUM or don’t. Use Microsoft Project, or don’t. Management tools and methodologies are simply vehicles used to get us to where we need to go. Depending on circumstances, you should use any and every tool available and you should apply whichever methodology(s) that make sense.  I am tools indifferent; I am methodologies indifferent. And you should be indifferent too. My workshops cover tools and methodologies in this context.  Real results lye within your abilities to adapt to whatever conditions you are presented with.  Do you want a certificate or do you want to produce? 

Approach, habits, tools, attitude and skills. These are the things that separate excellent Managers from ineffective Managers. In the world of getting **it done, nothing beats being well prepared to deliver on the goals and meet the objectives set forth by those holding the checkbook. This highly useful and entertaining workshop is designed to give your managers what they need to elevate themselves and their teams. This is NOT theories and methodologies for project management robots. Unless your managers are productivity superstars with great attitudes, this training will likely pay for itself over and over again. Click on the "Management Training Quote" link above or give me a call and we’ll discuss in more detail. (800) 209-4535.