Why Uscala


After attending this workshop, you will have information that can help you:

  1. Get organized and stay organized
  2. Gain a higher level of confidence
  3. Anticipate Risks before they become Issues
  4. Deliver results which are consistent with results organization wide
  5. Understand Business Time
  6. Manage Business Personalities
  7. Pass the Workshop Exit Test and receive the Uscala Stage Two Workshop Certification
  8. Successfully manage any project
  9. More accurately estimate project duration's
  10. More accurately estimate project costs
  11.  Improve:
    • Planning skills
    • Listening and communication skills
    • Meetings effectiveness
    • Reporting skills
    • Preparedness skills
    • Team performance levels
  12. *Use Microsoft Word, Excel, Project and PowerPoint to create an integrated management template suite
  13. And Much More...

*This is an optional Add On



  • You will work with an expert who has been in the trenches managing projects for many globally recognized brands for many years
  • We will customize the workshop(s) to match your businesses specific needs
  • As an added convenience, we can conduct the workshop(s) at your workplace
  • The workshop(s) are highly interactive and entertaining
  • Small class sizes: a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 people per day

After attending this workshop, your managers will have information that can help YOU:

  1. Rely less on expensive outside PM consultants
  2. Realize consistency from your team(s)
  3. Reduce project delivery costs moving forward
  4. Increase your company's management maturity level